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Policy requires migrants to wait in Mexico while their asylum claims are processed. Homeland Security officials said the measure will soon expand to multiple border cities and apply to migrant families. Immigration judge decided his asylum claim will be allowed to stay in the United States, one of the first people to gain entry after the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols program was blocked earlier this week..

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I sorry if Rockstar has labor issues but it not solely my responsibility as a consumer to boycott RDR2 because of crunch time. For better or worse that the reality in a lot of fields especially creative ones. So if we want better we have to get involved in the political process.

The same goes for excited, tired, fascinated, etc. They are not past tense conjugated forms of the verb. They are adjectives and they never change. It a very important distinction, hence why you wont seeing me claim to be a Real Estate Agent. That would imply I have agency. Brokers are only meant to advise and supply client with information, they CANNOT make decisions for the client in any capacity.

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