Wild flowers of Ireland[edit]Seven stamps

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canada goose The August releases were priced at 7c and 48c using the stonechat and peregrin falcon designs. As usual these were printed in sheets of 100.The last single sheet stamps were released on 5 January 2004; in 60c and 65c denominations depicting the Atlantic puffin and the song thrush.Wild flowers of Ireland[edit]Seven stamps, designed by the botanical artist Susan Sex, featuring flowers native to the woodlands and hedgerows of Ireland came on sale on 9 September 2004. They were; 4c dog violet, 5c dandelion, 48c primrose, 60c hawthorn, 65c bluebell, 2 lords and ladies and 5 dog rose.[2] ISSP were the printers and as previously, the low values were printed in sheets of 100, while the high values (2 and 5) appeared in sheets of 50 canada goose.