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That because people make them expensive, from advertising, sales pressure, and seeing super fancy ones on TV. Go the cremation route and very little is actually required, that cuts out all the embalming, casket, funeral plot and headstone costs. People do usually want some kind of wake, that can be as simple or elaborate as any get together somebody apartment building should have a cheap entertainment room, at worst it a few hundred dollars at the funeral home plus some inexpensive food.

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Picturesque vineyards and crops stretched as far as the eye could see. Emperor Nero would pay visits to Pompeii and take in the fine dining, music, street festivals, and literature the grand city had to offer. Merchants, gypsies, artists, and the Roman elite all gathered together to celebrate life in the city of Pompeii..

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Patients who use medical marijuana no longer have to rely on faceless pharmaceutical corporations. In states where medical marijuana is legal, patients can grow their own medicine (or designate a local caregiver to grow it for them). This keeps money in the pockets of the people who need it instead of lining the wallets of corporate executives who might have shady motives..

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