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Hear the stories of Gastown eternal inhabitants: The mysterious Lady in Black, the mischievious Lou the Headless Railman, to name a few. Not recommended for anyone under the age of 12. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. PROBLEM: they sent the refund to Flex Point Mortgage to the client that had been making the payments. Flex Point went out of business. Client is out over $10k.

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So for Flora elves, I imagine clothing based on plants. Cotton garments and hempen weaving would likely feature very prominently. I imagine hair would vary a lot, but would often reflect the trees and bushes of the various regions. Even the mess of AGRA happens in the East, Mycroft is always solving some international drama, Korea is mentioned, also in connection with Moran. Watson himself is no stranger to the joys and sorrows of the East. He was in Afghanistan from where he returned wounded in body and spirit (In the canon aboard the ship Orontes, name of a river that is known to flow in reverse)…

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