Which, in the way its being used, just means patting eachother

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Its why it bothers me whenever I see people bring up such young kids being put under transition treatments. At the end of the day those kids are still figuring out themselves, meaning they haven’t really come to a conclusion yet and imposing such a drastic treatment on them can seriously fuck them up. When I was 6 I had convinced myself I was an eagle for two weeks, my parents highly discouraged that and explained the full meaning of being human repeatedly.

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You’d get a very high sharpness factor. But what if that move was extremely obvious like a recapture? Ideally, you’d want a factor of how obvious the right move is since if White only has one good move every turn but it’s obvious, it doesn’t say much. Positions fall in the desired category when there’s only one or two good moves but either it’s highly nonintuitive or there are multiple intuitive moves that lose.

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