We feel like we have little free time or money

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I skated a little as a kid, but that ended probably around 6th grade. Much later on, I tried skiing with some friends on a school club outing. It was. That would make the message VERY clear. They might not. You could be right. However, the 2 3% she takes will likely come from Bernie and in such a close race where the DNC will try to promote someone else. That 2 3% might be all the difference in giving us a Biden nomination and potentially a second term for Trump. And, at this point, that seems to be just fine with many of Tulsi online supporters like those here on Reddit..

As you say, to have a work/life balance kids seems like an impossibility and limits what you can personally achieve. I often wonder how people on similar earnings manage it. We feel like we have little free time or money, and adding a dependent to that equation feels like it would throw everything out of balance..

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