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I shared my drawings with her and she seemed to be quite impressed, yet also happy to see something that I’d worked hard on, happy that it was something that made me happy. One thing that struck me as kind of odd was that I never saw her at school other than at lunch. But I just figured we had classes that were far enough away from each other that we wouldn’t see each other during passing periods.

There is a Richard Curtis film where the dodgy sexual politics did stick out like a sore thumb, though The Boat That Rocked. There a scene with Gemma Artherton where she a groupie of one of the DJs. One of the young DJs (or assistant, or something) is a virgin, so they arrange for her to go to the DJ room, get in bed in the dark, he go to the bathroom, swap places with the young guy, the young guy will have sex with her, and then they swap back.

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