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Came to say I had a second purge on tretinoin but it wasn’t particularly horrible, just new comedones it seemed to be working through. Since you haven’t made any changes like you say, given your age and sex it sounds like there could be some sort of hormonal imbalance making your skin freak out. Have you gotten this part checked out? Also, sometimes rosacea can look like acne, so if you haven’t yet maybe look at some pictures of that and compare to what you have now.

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I absolutely loved playing Yorick before his rework, but I like him even more now. He helped me climb into Plat the past 2 seasons after being stuck in Gold for a couple years. I still struggle to play most Top laners, as I don know their power spikes or their match ups very well, but I can usually hold my own even if I not playing Yorick.If you are used to have a lot of CC, you could always play champions in those lanes that have CC.

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