The government is totally re writing the habitat protection

Section 35 protection was passed by Parliament in 1976 and has been extensively used across Canada over the past 36 years.This has proven to be a disaster wherever it has been attempted elsewhere in the World.I have just been leaked a confidential copy of proposed changes to the habitat provisions of the Fisheries Act as directed by the political levels within the Harper Government. The government is totally re writing the habitat protection provisions of Section 35 so as to remove habitat protection out of the Fisheries Act.This is a serious situation and will put Canada back to where we were in the pre 1976 period where Canada had no laws to protect fish habitat and no way to monitor the great industrial expansion that occurred in Canada with the consequential loss of major fish habitat all across Canada.Fish habitat includes the lakes, rivers and oceans and their water flows, life processes, the banks and the riparian vegetation along a water way, marshes, gravel beds and the diversity of habitat that allow a rich and diverse population of life to live in our waterways that supports a large economic, cultural and recreational fishery. The bears cheap kanken, eagles, otters, grebes, herons, etc.Section 35 of the Fisheries Act now states:35 No person shall carry on any work or undertaking that results in the harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat.The existing effective and essential piece of legislation is to be changed to apparently just protect fish something that the Act already does.

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