So all that combined with Khabib having the better cardio

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cheap hermes belt Everyone was saying he would lose to Conor because he never fought a good striker.Now everyone thinks all it will take is a good wrestler even though wrestling is the most common discipline every fighter has begun in. That with the fact that Sambo is very close to wrestling to bein with makes it hard to believe a wrestler will be his replica hermes oran sandals weakness.So all that combined with Khabib having the better cardio, (Gaethje doesn appear to have any advantage in that department looking at his late round losses) leaves me thinking Khabib wins this fight without taking any real damage.To hear Chael talk about watching Khabib go against 10 guys in a row for 5 minutes each and dominate them and still have energy to say who is next. I don think there is any other way to say that I all in on Khabib being the top guy until he fights Tony.Twoulfe11 6 points submitted 24 days agoI feel bad for the devs. cheap hermes belt

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