Penalty rates will be slashed for hospitality

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replica bags dubai But the court cheap replica handbags found no jurisdictional error in the aaa replica designer handbags commission February decision to cut Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for full time and part time workers.Malcolm Turnbull believes the Federal Court backing of a decision to slash Sunday penalty rates confirms the work of the independent umpire.Penalty rates will be slashed for hospitality, retail and fast food workers. Picture: iStockSource:istockare the same unions that have been trading away their members penalty rates for years, but nonetheless they took it to the Federal Court and the decision of Fair Work Australia was upheld, he told reporters in Sydney.that is the independent umpire doing its work and its work being confirmed by the court. Leader Bill Shorten said he was disappointed in the Federal Court decision.Disappointing decision in the Federal Court. replica bags dubai

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