My subject at the center of the lens is the same size as it

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Same focal length, the image circle is just APSC sized instead of full frame sized. Now I put on the MFT 12mm. My subject at the center of the lens is the same size as it was with all the other lenses but now there a huge dark vignette so I can only see the center of the image.

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Liberals that own guns don’t exist. Liberals who take hermes replica bags a libertarian approach to trans issues (who cares, just don’t hurt people) don’t exist. It’s going to take possibly many one on one experiences to break that disillusionment. 1 point submitted 1 day agoI been trading every single Gen III and Gen IV starter with people for months now to get a head start on their upcoming community days. Did the same with Treeko. Had 1 100% and 3 96% + luckies ready and waiting.