Leveling up each gun to get all of their stat based rewards

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We talking upwards of 400hrs for just your account and classes. Leveling up each gun to get all of their stat based rewards (attachments, etc.) has to be upwards of 1000hrs. Fortunately you mostly stop getting meaningful rewards for each class by 60 100 hours in, and weapons are mostly usable from level 1 5.

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These types of posts need prior consent from mods. If you aren sure about a post, ask the mods:This is it, I imagine it really difficult for a developer to know if you looting/exploring or if you lost and don know where to go. So they just have an NPC show you the way after a certain amount of time..

So that would be about right having 96 as the cutoff. However, I’m still not sure if younger kids (those in kindergarten) could really grasp how the world changed at that point bc they canada goose coats likely don’t remember anything before that time since they were only babies really. I’m still not sure i grasped how much the world changed after the event bc i was still very young.

This was for an english assignment too, and it counted for about 10% of my grade. Yep, I potentially jeopardized my grade for a stupid joke and 5 bucks. I can send it, my english teacher has it, he hasn given em back. The PBs are constantly running around the house, sharing info, planting info, creating bonds with players outside of their alliance.They’ve actually canada goose outlet online been so successful that they’ve got players outside of their alliance targeting each other. Just about everyone knows about a guys alliance, but no one outside of it knows what they’re thinking or how strong it even is. This is what big brother is all about.