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Soon, hundreds of soldiers were writing home asking their families to send them some Toll House cookies, and Wakefield was soon inundated with letters from around the world requesting her recipe. Thus began the nationwide craze for the chocolate chip cookie.[5][6]The restaurant was bought by the Wakefields in 1930, so judging by the „We Are Ten Years Old!“ snippet on the left side of the menu, I guess that this menu is from 1940, but I don know for sure.JosephWilliamNamath 59 points submitted 15 days agoI agree that WWI needs a better treatment. WWII is glorified because it’s so clear cut good vs.

iphone 8 case 8 points submitted 2 days agoI thought it was an excellent look behind the scenes. I very curious how people feel about Jason Garrett now. Full disclosure gold glitter iphone 6 case, if you don already know me from being the annoying prick who sticks up for the staff constantly, I am a JG apologist, 100%. iphone 8 case

iphone 8 case Sign in / Join NowSummary2017 was a ground breaking year for GreenPower as they achieved regulatory approvals, introduced new bus models, secured orders, and began construction of their new factory in Porterville, CA.GreenPower made the strategic decision to enter the electric school bus market and will be making their first deliveries in the summer of 2018.With the introduction of the Synapse 72 school bus and the EV Star mini bus the Company now has a complete suite of BEV bus products.I provide discussion and feedback from Executive ChairmanFraser Atkinson.GreenPower Bus Status Update Last year was pretty tough on long term investors of GreenPower (OTCQX:GPVRF) as they endured a 9.2% share dilution and a 50% decline in share price without a single vehicle delivery to speak of. Nonetheless, 2017 can rightfully be summarized as the „ground breaking“ year for the company as they methodically made progress on the permitting and start of construction of their new bus factory, achieved CARB HVIP voucher approvals and US EPA certification, introduced several new bus models, conducted sales tours, and received multiple orders for various bus models. With this ground work in place the quiet achievers at GreenPower are now set to embark on substantial progress in the coming year. iphone 8 case

iphone 7 case The agent doubled it immediately to $300 (still less than half the amount set by the DOP of 400 per cent of the one way fare, or $720).As it turns out, it was a moot point. At the last minute, I was allowed on to the flight. But it makes me wonder whether airlines are really following through on the rules. iphone 7 case

iphone 7 case With its unparalleled capability and flexibility, it helps companies de risk their investment decisions in Teradata and makes Teradata easier to buy through subscription licensing. With Teradata Everywhere iphone 7 plus cartoon cases, customers can analyze anything, deploy anywhere, buy any way and move any time.With the unique capabilities of our software, we enable customers to exploit their data and analytics needs of today and tomorrow. With our enterprise scale analytics, companies can derive insights regardless of the analytic complexity, volume of data or number of concurrent users, and they have the power of combining multiple analytic techniques to address a business question, whether from aggregations to time series to machine learning to graph. iphone 7 case

iphone 8 case First, as a reminder to reps to smile while on the phone. Even though their smile isn’t seen by listeners, it is felt. When we smile it loosens up our jaws and relaxes us. It should be aware of the impact its rulings may have outside the confines of the Community. In an increasingly interdependent world, different legal orders will have to endeavour to accommodate each other’s jurisdictional claims. As a result, the Court cannot always assert a monopoly on determining how certain fundamental interests ought to be reconciled. iphone 8 case

iphone 7 case The first time you pull your new phone out of the box and turn it on iphone 6s cartoon cases, you might find some app you don’t give a shit about. And then another. In some cases, as much as 10 percent of your phone’s storage can be taken up by crap and by crap, we mean apps that will expire after a demo period and won’t let you use them further unless you pay for the full version.. iphone 7 case

iphone 6 plus case I got Bart and WoL doing double duty as breakers, and used a UoC tick on CG Nichol. Now I down a tank and a healer, and potentially a breaker. On the other hand, Auron seems like he can take Loren spot. Who said anything about entitlement? I have never even played GTA, it not a franchise I care about and I never „wanted“ any DLC for it. But Rockstar isn entitled to my money or my faith in them as a company, either. They shown me where their focus lies apple silicone case iphone 6, and I going to listen.. iphone 6 plus case

iPhone x case Additionally waterfall iphone case, nearly 5 million people were enrolled in Medicaid (and CHIP). Others enrolled in employer sponsored plans or Medicare, or they were insured through another public health insurance plan such as through the military. As many as 42 million Americans remain uninsured [sources: HHS, ASPE Office of Health Policy].. iPhone x case

iphone 7 case Then he spots her. A moose, bedded down in a patch of trees. Hanlon maneuvers the drone down until it’s hovering roughly 50 feet off the ground. Make hydration cool and add your own stylish design using our customization tool. Upload your own pictures of family and friends or words of inspiration to keep you going on those long runs or workouts. Want to get something special for your sports team or for your colleagues? Why not upload your team or company logo? Take one step further and get matching photo t shirts too! Are you a proud mom or dad? Personalize a water bottle by adding your kid’s name or favorite picture iphone 7 case.