If you’re going to Chi town, then Calumet is well worth the

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canada goose jackets (Adam Hunter/CBC)The Mainstreet Research poll released Tuesday shows 47 per cent of the province approves of the Saskatchewan Party’s response in the wake of the July 21 oil spill into the North Saskatchewan River, while 31 per cent disapprove. Another 22 per cent were not sure either way.Approval of the province’s response was lowest in Regina with only a 40 per cent approval rating, 43 per cent of respondents in Regina disapproved.The following graphic shows a breakdown of approval and disapproval numbers from a Mainstreet poll asking the people of Saskatchewan how they feel about the government’s response to the Husky Energy oil spill. (Mainstreet Research)In Saskatoon, 46 per cent of people approved of the provincial response where 38 per cent disapproved and 16 per cent were not sure.Disapproval seemed to be greater among the younger generations. canada goose jackets

canada goose jackets Calumet smokes just about everything you can think of including salmon, herring, eel, sturgeon, sable, rainbow trout, and shrimp. But don’t worry; there is still a plentiful amount of fried seafood on the menu. If you’re going to Chi town, then Calumet is well worth the visit.. canada goose jackets

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