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Jane Foster

Considered one of the top astrophysicists of this generation, Dr. is similarly noted to be one of the most controversial, reviled among the academic community for chasing what she has published the Foster Theory: the possibility of wormhole generation technology. She lost her mother at an early age and was raised wholly by her doting father, a career research professor at the nearby Culver University. It was inevitable she’d mirror her father and inherit all his interests, discovering at quite young an age her canada goose jacket outlet natural proficiency in the sciences. She was especially canada goose clearance sale boring as a teenager, devoted to her academics canada goose coats and never really one for hobbies save for stargazing with her father.She canada goose black friday sale was finishing her undergrad at Culver when the tiny Foster family received the unfortunate news of her father’s illness: an undetected brain tumour that gave him six months. He only survived three, with Jane canada goose outlet online uk there by his side; she was working on her honours thesis in the hospice room when he finally slipped away. She took her father’s death hard, though to family friends, Jane seemed to be enduring in stride, focused on her work. But she was in shock, felt like an orphan, and was deteriorating inside letting herself simply go numb.Fortunately, she found rescue, and her father’s old friend, Erik Selvig an astrophyicist lecturer at Culver knew better. He began regular, forced visitations which dragged Jane out of her self denying hell, and slowly assumed a role in her life. canada goose factory outlet He soon became a mentor and rock to Jane, who found herself impassioned to specialize in his field.She continued her post grad work under him, and in turn, Erik found himself with a surrogate canada goose uk shop daughter. And Jane flourished in the following years, professionally and academically, demonstrating even as a student the ability to release published work after published work, generating theories and ideas that strenuously tested the present theories of astrophysics. She also had her first, serious relationship in Dr. Donald Blake, a young medical resident who won, and uk canada goose outlet ultimately broke, Jane’s very inexperienced heart.Happily given up on personal relationships, she concentrated on her doctoral work Canada Goose online and graduated, soon receiving staggering offers to join applied laboratories all over the canada goose outlet world. Even NASA was at her door. Erik was pretty sure Jane would be heading their way.So count his disbelief with that of many others for her to choose independent research, Jane struck with a near overnight obsession between theoretical links between auroral phenomena and Einstein Rosen bridges. Erik thought she was joking. Jane took more than a little offence to that. She used her father’s inheritance and what little amassed grant money canada goose outlet parka (given only on her reputation alone) to skip out to the middle of nowhere in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico. Following what she believed was a staggering wealth of evidence, she set up shop, bought and began building her own equipment, and hired an intern Darcy Lewis.There the two women chased New Mexico storms, again and again and again. Living out of a trailer, Jane refused to quit and her gut led her right when the proposed phenomena began occurring canada goose outlet uk sale at frequent rates. She pleaded Erik to fly in to finally show him she isn’t joking, forced Darcy to drive the three of them into a tornado, and hit a shirtless hobo with her truck. Twice.Introduced to them as Thor, the Norse god of thunder, Jane found herself with a very strange and impractical fascination for the crazy man. Trusting her gut led her so far, and she decided to trust it again, wrestling against all common sense to trust his declarations that he was some landed god from an Einstein Rosen bridge denied his supernatural powers and decided to assist his strange quest in returning them. Not to mention, Darcy’s iPod.Thor managed to return her canada goose outlet kindness by returning Jane her notebook, and though she still did not have any evidence he was some ancient, celebrated god, she found herself captivated and believing his confirmation of life beyond Earth, and the existence of a great Einstein Rosen bridge that links countless realms.Then Thor’s very godly friends showed up. Then Thor’s malevolent brother sent a giant fireball spitting angry robot to raze Puente Antiguo. Jane was pretty much convinced, when, upon laying his life to help her little town, the crazy truck hit hobo reclaimed his worthiness and was restored to larger than life godhood. canada goose outlet nyc Unfortunately, as soon as the truth cheap canada goose uk came to light, he had to leave to go canada goose factory sale save his own realm and stop a genocide.Jane never saw him again. She tried looking for him through her obsessed work, but soon she ate the rest of her funds, and few believed her to give her any grants. So count Jane not entirely surprised, and maybe even a little resigned, when canada goose outlet black friday after canada goose outlet canada a good year of struggling canada goose outlet to perpetuate her newfound Foster Theory (which at this point was not being measured well with failing equipment, and she could no longer even afford Darcy), the G men approached her to work for them. They will pay her to prove her theory, which is that the Earth is immeasurably linked to other realms, and the bridge exists and can be opened to bring civilization into a new age. Or so Jane thought.Feeling her hand a bit forced, she nonetheless accepted. And relocated to New York City, given rent in Brooklyn and allowed management of a covert lab. To her, it’s a necessary evil to have her theory proven and have her research see the light of day. This work is what she lives for. It’s the reason why she was fated to look up at the stars.+ November 2016 November 2017Spends over a year after the events in Puente Antiguo in search of Thor unsuccessfully finds any sign of him.Arrives in NYC early autumn 2016, set up as a SHIELD consultant to build them an Einstein Rosen Bridge.Meets while he hunts a demon. Both manage to escape it, though John doesn’t escape Jane’s newfound obsession in magic and wanting to quantify it as its own science. introduces Jane to Ritchie Simpson. Both begin a staggering project in compiling datapoints for a meta analysis of „bad shite going on.“Attends Gotham Antiquities Commission Gala on New Year’s of 2017 gets briefly thrown through a portal into Jotunheim.January 2017: Setback on work to help the Winter Soldier remember himself canada goose outlet shop as Bucky Barnes abducted by the re programmed Soldier into HYDRA captivity. Jane is tortured by them, though unsuccessfully mentally re programmed, when both are rescued beneath Ozone Park two weeks later.Dedicates herself to helping Bucky Barnes reclaim his life after so long lost already long realizing she’s in love, begins a relationship with him.Meets, ’s (younger) girlfriend whose soul is made of magic enables Jane’s deepening interest in magic and happily lends her open access to Shadowcrest Manor’s extensive library to begin her education.March 2017: Helps save the resident magicians Zatanna and John canadian goose jacket from Hell! Ends up accepting a contract with the dangerous Papa Midnite: in return for his help, Jane owes him „anything.“ He has yet to collect.Quite by accident, begins engineering equipment for „superheroes“ her first „client“ being the armor and gear for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.Eventually gets introduced to Tony Stark: he hires her on as a consultant to help him with a new Iron Man suit prototype (among other things). He enables her with free reign of a lab.April 2017: Assists Bucky Barnes in cleaning a Virginia based HYDRA cell, leading to 33 deaths. Probably won’t be the last.