But, it is easier said than done

When Indian YouTuber Ajey Nagar steps out of his house, even in the sweltering summer heat, he wears a black hoodie to disguise himself. Nearly 7 million people subscribe to the 19 year old YouTube channel, and Nagar is regularly accosted by teen fans. Can go to malls or restaurants, Nagar tells TIME from his studio in Faridabad, a city bordering the Indian capital of New Delhi.

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More than 70 percent of the top 500 BSE stocks are in a downtrend.Experts feel that the time is right to buy the „fear“ because the market could be nearing a bottom, and could see a recovery soon. But, it is easier said than done.Though market gurus have repeatedly said the best time to buy is when there is fear on the street, it is a difficult strategy to implement. The feeling of fear will not indicate whether the worst is over or whether more fear is in store.“Investors have to become choosy about governance and capital allocation decisions made by the companies‘ managements.

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The firmware version for the latest Samsung Galaxy A30 update is A305FDDU2ASE5, and its size is at 459MB, reports TizenHelp. According to the screenshot shared of the changelog, the update brings along the slow motion mode and improved compatibility with third party apps. The update especially improves compatibility with Telegram, the changelog notes.

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Failure to repay loans for people with poor credit often lead to the repossession and sale of the car that is put up as collateral. States have banned automobile title loans and others have placed restrictions on the way they operate. For example, a maximum APR is specified.

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But what caught my attention were these three strong words of the song. For the pseudo knowledgeable investor, there has always been the Insurance cum Investment policies which give them the feeling of having attained ‚financial nirvana‘ as they feel their life insurance and investment needs have been met through this ‚magical‘ product! For many, it is finding solace in buying gold or last but not the least, the urge to invest in real estate (considered to be a ’safe haven‘) Is still high in many individuals.What is quite evident in most of these cases, is that the concepts of expectation management and risk return have not been fine tuned in sync with the financial profile of the investor. This is where the problem starts when there is lack of proper comprehensive planning and asset allocation has not been factored in.If the core purpose of investment which are your financial goals have not been identified from the beginning and the appropriate financial products have not been chosen to achieve them in the desired time, the platform built is fragile to say the least.