But at the same time, children should be able to sleep safely

(The exception is that tail dragger pilots are better with pedals.)But here’s the thing, it’s a completely different world of flying and that’s what makes it so amazing. The freedom is undeniable.I cant remember what the add on minimums are (15hrs?), but expect that it will take more. If you are good with pedals and energy management, you’ll do really well..

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Yeah Pierce had more, but did he have enough to overcome their differences in championships (Wade 3 to 1), all star appearances (Wade 13 to 10), and scoring titles (Wade 2 to 0)? Wade per game averages were better than Pierce as well. The best NBA players aren simply determined by quantity of points scored. Elvin Hayes is 10th all time in scoring and isn really even mentioned when discussing the top NBA bigs of all time (no disrespect, but he almost certainly below Kareem, Shaq, Wilt, Russell, Hakeem, Duncan, Garnett, and probably also below Dirk, Karl Malone, and Moses Malone).

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