Any dispute as to who has won is resolved by a rowing race

As their boats pass underneath, young men attempt to jump off and grab the goose (which has been coated in grease) and remove its head. To add to the challenge, spectators on either side of the harbor pull the rope taut and then let it fall slack, dunking the participant in the bay.[1] This is repeated until either the young man has been shaken loose in which case the next participant takes his place or he has successfully removed the head of the goose. Any dispute as to who has won is resolved by a rowing race around San Nicolas Island in the middle of Lekeitio Bay.

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canada goose outlet Uncertainty surrounds the correct systematic placement of this species. Initially, it was placed in the dabbling duck subfamily Anatinae. Later canada goose outlet, it was assigned to the „perching ducks“, a paraphyletic assemblage of waterfowl most of which are intermediate between dabbling ducks and shelducks. canada goose outlet

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